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"What a lovely atmosphere and educated staff. I was warmly greeted, guided to my appointment and had all questions answered with confidence, from all the kind staff. Enjoying my long-term investment for my health and beauty! <3 LOVING itttt!!!"

Alyssa H. 

“Amazing customer service, the aestheticians are caring, gentle, and always have your best interests in mind. The chemical peel process was easy, simple, and transformed my skin for the better. The facials are always a nice refresher for my skin and leaves me feeling confident.”

Spring B.

“Had a beautiful facial with Erin today. Would highly recommend her she’s very knowledgeable and let you enjoy your time so that you can relax and get the best benefits possible. I do facials at least once a month. I would recommend Chapter to anyone.”

Denae M.

What to Expect

We recommend booking your appointment to get a FREE skin assessment. This way, we can pinpoint your specific skin concerns above and below the surface. It’s a great way to keep track of your progress during your treatment plan. 

From there, we’ll set up three Trilogy Renewal Series appointments for you over three months. 

Before each appointment, make sure to come to the studio with clean skin. Other than that, be prepared to relax and enjoy your “me” time! 

If your daily routine consists of school drop-offs, running errands, taking conference calls or anything and everything in-between—you can leave those worries at the door. This is YOUR time to unwind and let us take care of you.  

You’ll start with our favorite relaxing facial and continue with tightening and toning treatments. Enjoy every moment; you have nowhere else to be.  

Ahh, how good does your skin feel? (We bet pretty dang good.) We have some recommendations to make sure you get the most out of your treatment: 

  • You don’t need makeup, you’re a natural beauty! Avoid applying makeup for 24-48 hours to allow for complete healing of the microchannels created by the VirtueRF. 
  • We know you love a good sweat sesh, but we recommend avoiding intense workouts and heavy sweating for 1-3 days post treatment.  
  • Don’t rush to the Bahamas. Try to avoid direct sunlight for 3 days post-treatment. 
  • Let’s keep you (and your skin) hydrated. Our experts will give you recommendations on skin care products to apply to keep your skin from drying out.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The combination of the three treatment types that comprise Trilogy results in an outcome that is greater than you would see with any individual treatment. A Trilogy treatment starts with a Skinwave facial to exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate your skin; prepping your skin and enhancing the effects from the follow-on treatments (VirtueRF and CoolPeel). VirtueRF microneedling stimulates your collagen production from the bottom up to improve skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, while CoolPeel works from the top down to reverse sun damage, tighten pore size and refresh your skin’s surface for a smoother texture.

Chapter Trilogy is a program suitable for all ages and concerns. Whether you’re looking to minimize acne and blemishes or reverse the signs of aging, Trilogy addresses 10 different skin concerns through 1 program. This high-performance program replenishes, renews and restores your skin to increase the longevity and results of future aesthetic treatments.

Each Chapter Trilogy appointment is 3 hours and consists of 3 services: Skinwave, CoolPeel, Virtue RF.

There is zero to minimal downtime. You’ll experience redness in the treated area for 3-5 days, and we’ll recommend skincare products to apply during that time to improve your overall results.

We recommend waiting 24-48 hours after treatment before applying makeup to allow for complete healing of the microchannels created by the VirtueRF.

After each treatment session, we recommend avoiding intense workouts and sweating for 1-3 days and avoiding direct sun exposure for at least 3 days. It is also important to avoid letting your skin dry out, so we provide recommendations on skin care products to apply to keep your skin hydrated.

We don’t advise having a Trilogy treatment during pregnancy. Chapter offers a variety of other skincare products and services that will keep your skin healthy and hydrated during your pregnancy. Call you local studio to find out how we can help!