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As we age, certain parts of our skin begin to sag. Everyone has different problem areas, but here’s one solution that can help. Welcome to the next- generation skin- tightening treatment, utilizing the benefits of radiofrequency and ultrasound in a single applicator. Under the guidance of a skilled technician, this simple procedure stimulates collagen production to smooth out our most troublesome spots. Best of all, it can treat any part of the face or body, so you can feel more confident coming and going.


Skin laxity

Skin laxity

How it works:

Skin-tightening treatments use simultaneous radiofrequency and ultrasound in a single applicator. Unlike more outdated techniques, our treatments are the industry leader in providing precise, controlled heating and cooling for non-surgical skin tightening. This ensures adequate layering, which delivers energy to deep tissue and stimulates collagen, thereby resulting in smoother, more contoured skin and improved laxity.

Why you'll love it:

  • Tightens loose or saggy skin
  • Erases wrinkles
  • Improves cellulite and stretch marks
  • Long-lasting results
  • No anesthesia or downtime
  • Safe and comfortable treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

And now, the WOWs:

I have been a member for years and decided to try a new treatment, Viivace. Kaycee was very professional and thorough as she talked through the process. I’m excited to see my results in the coming weeks.