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Medical vs. Regular Facials: What's the Big Difference?

Medical vs. Regular Facials: What's the Big Difference?

We love spending a Friday night at home indulging ourselves with spa treatments as much as anyone else. But, if you are dealing with skincare issues, an at-home or salon-grade treatment could be missing the mark. 

If trying various store-bought cleansers and moisturizers isn’t producing the lasting results you want, it could be time to try a medical spa facial treatment. 

Beyond cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, moisturizing, and applying masks, a medical- grade facial goes beyond the usual routines. 

Are you tired of feeling like you’re not achieving the results you’re looking for - or they’re not lasting as long as you would like? A medical spa facial treatment might be what you need. Let’s look at how they’re different from an at-home or salon option.

The goal of a medical spa facial treatment

Imagine you're visiting an aesthetic studio or a medical spa. You know, the kind where they don't just brush off the surface issues of your skin, like oiliness, blackheads, and redness, but they really dive deep into what's causing them. 

Sure, you can get rid of blackheads on the surface, but what about the oil and dirt that's hiding way down under your skin? That's the tricky stuff that keeps coming back. 

Aesthetics professionals use advanced tools and techniques that can reach deep into your skin, tackling those pesky, hard-to-reach problems. So instead of playing a never-ending game of catch-up with your skin issues, they're nixing them for good.


Medical expertise 

When you go for an advanced facial at a medical spa, you're not just getting a self-care session. You're getting the expertise of clinical pros who really know about skin science. 

It's like having your own skincare genius who not only understands what's up with your skin but also knows exactly how to fix it. They whip up treatments and use prescription-strength products that are just right for you. And the best part? You still get to chill out and enjoy the spa vibes.

And it doesn't stop there. Think of aesthetic studios as the high-tech hubs of skincare. 

Lasers, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and even LED light therapy – it's like the ultimate skincare toolkit. These aren't just your run-of-the-mill beauty treatments. They go deep, right to the heart of your skin concerns. Imagine tackling those deep-set wrinkles, reigning in relentless acne, or fading those stubborn dark spots. It's more than just a surface fix; it’s about rejuvenating your skin from within, giving you that deep, lasting glow-up that you’ve been looking for!

Long-term skin health in mind

Many over-the-counter or consumer-grade treatments are designed to treat surface issues. You spot a problem, grab a product, and shortly after, it feels like you're back to square one before you know it. 

Here's where medical facials step in. These aren't just any treatments; they're crafted with your skin's long-term happiness in mind. 

A skincare expert can suggest a series of chemical peels or laser treatment sessions that could make your issues go away for good. These aren't just quick fixes; they're about making a real, lasting difference. 

And it's not just about the treatment itself. They're all in for the journey, keeping an eye on your progress and tailoring a skincare routine that's just for you. It's like having a skincare strategy that's designed to win, not just play.

Investment vs. Expense 

When you are purchasing something over and over again, like consumer-grade skincare products that may provide a temporary solution, it can be viewed as an expense that adds up over time. 

Due to the longer-lasting effects of medical facials, they are more like an investment in making a true change in the health of your skin. Many aesthetic studios that offer facial treatments also have a membership structure that could help you save on initial treatments and follow-up sessions or financing options so you can break a larger payment into smaller ones over time. 

Advanced Facial Treatments in Action: Skinwave

At Chapter Aesthetic Studio in Cedar Rapids, we proudly use Skinwave technology at the core of our advanced facials. The Skinwave system includes a variety of treatment options that can address specific conditions and leave you with younger-looking, more radiant skin that lasts! 

Skinwave treatment is a simple process. Here’s how it works: 

Show up with your natural look: Arrive at your appointment with your natural, makeup-free skin! Your certified esthetician will show you to the room where you’ll receive your medical-grade facial and give you a headband to keep your hair out of your face. 

Sit back and relax: From there, all you have to do is relax while your esthetician starts your treatment! You’re welcome to close your eyes and drift off, or you can feel free to chat with your esthetician during the session while they go through a multi-step treatment that isn’t painful and actually feels enjoyable! 

Instant results: You’ll see results as soon as your treatment is finished! We’ll also recommend at-home products that you can use to help extend the timeline of the results and offer advice for any follow-up sessions you might want to book in the future. 

Book your own medical spa facial treatment in Cedar Rapids

Are you ready to transform your skin and enjoy results that last? If so, book your appointment today at Chapter for medical-grade facials in Cedar Rapids. When you arrive at Chapter, you can expect a personalized experience that’s all about you! 

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