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How Much Does Xeomin® Cost?

How Much Does Xeomin® Cost?

Whoever said "beauty is pain" clearly never got Xeomin®.

Many modern beauty treatments offer little to no pain - maybe a slight pricking like with Xeomin® injections or a warming sensation some feel with laser hair removal. 

While you may not feel it too intensely on your skin, you might still be concerned about feeling the pain in your wallet—we totally get that! You work hard for the money you’ve earned and want the treatments you invest in to produce the results you’re looking for. 

Injectable treatments like Botox® and Xeomin® are some of the most sought-after by people who want to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. With that, though, you don’t want to commit to a treatment without getting a grasp on how much it might cost. much does Xeomin® cost? While we can’t give you a to-the-cent estimate, we can help you get a better idea of what your investment could look like. 

Xeomin® Newbie? Here's a Quick Overview 

If you’re still learning about Xeomin® to see if it’s right for you, we’ll cover a quick overview of what it’s all about before we start talking about how much it would cost. 

We'll start with what exactly Xeomin® is. Well, if you're looking in the mirror, and those pesky fine lines and wrinkles seem to be playing a more prominent role in your facial expressions than you’d like, Xeomin®, a highly purified neurotoxin can help smooth out your complexion!

You may be thinking, "Wait, neurotoxin?" But it's not as intimidating as it sounds. It's actually a refined form of botulinum toxin type A, similar to its cousins Botox® and Dysport, but with a little twist. 

Xeomin® is unique because it’s made through a special purification process that removes accessory proteins from the formula. This means you're getting a product that's as pure as it gets, reducing the chances of your body developing resistance to it over time.

Think of Xeomin® as your secret weapon against signs of aging. It works by temporarily relaxing the facial muscles that cause those wrinkles. You know, the ones that appear when you frown, raise your eyebrows or smile. 

What Factors Into the Cost of Xeomin®? 

As we mentioned earlier, there’s no exact science to calculating the exact cost of Xeomin® treatments. That’s because each treatment is tailored to the person it’s given to! 

Still, with that in mind, there are a few ways that the total cost can be impacted. These include: 

  • The number of units: Xeomin® is measured in what is simply called “units”. This is where the cost is primarily determined. More treatment areas on your face will increase the amount of units needed.
  • The type of treatment: Depending on where you are receiving Xeomin® injections, the number of units can vary. As a result, this could increase or decrease the total cost. A treatment could range from needing 10 to 100 units per session depending on the location on the body and how much is needed.
  • The number of sessions: More sessions means more units. The frequency of treatment is completely up to you, so you can determine when it makes the most sense for you. Most Xeomin® treatments can last about four months but can potentially last longer!
  • Payment method: If you want to pay for Xeomin® in full at the date of treatment, this will cost more in a single transaction. You could also ask your provider about breaking it up into a payment plan and paying smaller amounts over time. Chapter also offers easy and flexible financing options!

  • So that begs the question: How much is Xeomin® per unit? 

    Usually, Xeomin®’s cost per unit can range between $8 and $18 in the U.S. This can vary due to factors like geographic location, complexity of the treatment, and popularity in the local market. 

    Can You Save on Xeomin®

    If you’re worried about the cost of Xeomin®, don’t worry! Remember, every aesthetic studio that offers Xeomin® is different, and you might have multiple payment options to choose from. 

    The first step is booking a consultation with a Xeomin® provider in your area. A consultation will be a quick overview of your skin, history, and goals. From there, your provider will tailor a treatment plan uniquely to you, along with a personalized estimate of the cost! 

    While you’re reviewing options with your aesthetic specialist, don’t be shy to ask about payment options. They can give you a full overview of your options and let you know if there are any specials or promotions they’re currently offering for Xeomin®

    Start Your Xeomin® Treatment Today! 

    At Chapter Aesthetic Studio, we understand that you want to look and feel your best, but you need to make sure your bills are paid too! Xeomin® and other treatments should enhance your life, not make it harder.  

    That’s why we’re proud to partner ALLY Lending to offer Xeomin® financing as well as flexible payment plans for any other treatment in any of our 20+ locations in the United States. 

    Why finance with us? With an ALLY Lending payment plan you get: 

    • Zero fees for down payments or applications
    • No credit impact during pre-qualifications
    • Flexible solutions so you can pick one that’s best for you
    • A full support team and convenient portal to manage your payments 

    An added plus - new Chapter guests get 50% off Xeomin® units - $6.76/unit

    Ready to learn more about what Xeomin® treatment could look like for you? Find a Chapter Aesthetic Studio near you to schedule a consultation or contact us anytime for more information. We look forward to seeing you!