We see possibilities.

You want to express the best version of yourself every day, and our team makes that possible. Skilled in the clinical practice of face, body and skin treatments, they are also visionaries, artists and caring confidantes, who listen to your goals and help you bring your personal beauty story to life.

Founded on passion and principle
Chapter is an epic story about people, passion, promises and paradigm shifts. Back in 2005, when people really weren’t talking about aesthetics — at least not out loud or in public — Rejuv founder Melissa Rogne was pioneering the industry.

Following her passion for quality skin care and helping people look and feel their best, she attracted the most experienced and skilled nurses and aesthetic specialists, and personally trained a team of advisors who not only know aesthetics, they know how to listen, how to set goals and how to be accountable to them. The result? Well, results, of course! Guests saw the promise of enhanced skin health and radiance become their reality. Confidence gained, they are now devoted members and enthusiastic advocates eager to share the joy of aesthetics.

Fast- forward to 2021, Rejuv and Alivana are now Chapter, and as president, Melissa is leading and inspiring every detail of your experience — every treatment, every product, every team member — in our refreshed studios in Fargo, ND and New Hartford, NY, to new locations in cities across the country. No matter which studio you visit, you can be confident it lives up to the standards of excellence that make Chapter legendary.


And now, the WOWs:

I had an amazing experience! The staff made me feel so comfortable and confident in my skin. I would highly recommend Chapter!

—Emily D.